Blogging is posting journal-like posts on the  web. Five ways to use blogging in the classroom would be for teacher, student, and parent communication, dialogue generation  by getting the students to participate in discussion through blogging,  student blogging so the students can comment on each other’s posts or complete a required assignment, teacher blogging so that teacher can communicate with each other about classroom ideas, and homework assignment for the students to complete at home. Five ways blogging can  improve student learning is by allowing them to create or find a “voice”, increases their interest in writing, helps them learn and communicate with  other students, they can learn how to write responsibly and know whatever they post can be seen by others, and they can become empowered and feel like they have some sort of independence. 
    Some guideline I would use to incorprate blogs into my classrom would be that I would tell my students to not use any personal information, to be respectful of each other, to not post something that is unrelated to the current discussion or question, to ask permission before posting anything of another person, to not access or respond to anything  they are comfortable with, and to be detailed when writing a response. I  would use it as a reading/homework assignment to see if my students were  reading the material. It would also be used for a communication for students  with questions on a specific topic.

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