There are many valuable features to a spreadsheet. First, the presentation is  great. When a teacher creates a spreadsheet, she will be able to very organized.  If the presentation of the information is easy to read, it will be that much  easier to understand. Students do not need data or information presented to them  in a complex format. Unfortunately, the students will not listen to what the  teacher is talking about if the previous occurs. Therefore, teachers should use  spreadsheet to present their data or information in an organized and complete  fashion. Second, the math functions on a spreadsheet are useful to teachers. A  teacher can use a spreadsheet to make a grade book to keep track of student’s  grades. Before this class, I had never made a grade book. I was a good  experience for me to do the assignments in the course pack because it showed me  how to make a grade book step-by-step. Now that I know how to set up a grade  book I will be able to used it in the future. When doing calculation a  spreadsheet, the spreadsheet make simple to do big amount of data in minutes  instead of hours. For example, in a spreadsheet use can do the summation of one  row, and then use that formula as a format to sum all the other rows. All you  have to do it highlight the cells you want to do the sum for a click the fill  button in one of the menus. This help with time because you are do not have to  type in the same formula twenty times to sum each row. Third, a spreadsheet can  help a teacher make good visual aids such as tables and graphs/charts. A teacher  can use the table function of a spreadsheet to insert a table of information  into notes, worksheets, or homework assignments. Also, a teacher can use a  spreadsheet to make a graph/chart of data they are going to present to the  class. Once you make a graph/chart in a spreadsheet you can customize it, copy  it, and place it into a power point presentation.
    Students at the  high school level may be exposed to spreadsheets by having to do an assignment.  For instance, a student would have to create a table that represent something we  were doing in class. Also, a student could use a spreadsheet to make a  graph/chart for a presentation he has to present to the class where a visual aid  is required. Although today, a student can also get introduced to a spreadsheet  if he takes a computer class in high school. He would have to do many assignment  that just had to deal with spreadsheets. I believe this is a good thing for any  student to do, because once you know how to use a spreadsheet you can use it in  your everyday life and future classes.

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