Learning hierarchies are a good way for teachers to be able to create an assessment for their students. It helps them to evaluate a student’s performance for a certain topic. An intended learning outcome is similar to a learning hierarchy in that it is an assessment of what students should know. ILOs are good for teachers to use because they are an organized way of assessing students on what they should know of a certain topic and what their mastery skills should be. Students can also use learning hierarchies and ILOs to create their own assessment of what they should understand on a certain topic.
     Students should be introduced to learning hierarchies in later elementary years because they are more complicated. The way in which they should be introduced should be through first explaining what a learning hierarchy is. After a good foundation and understanding on learning hierarchies, the teacher can then give the students an assignment to create their own. By students creating their own learning hierarchy on a topic they have learned in class, the teacher can evaluate their understanding on that topic. This also helps the student to understand more a certain topic learned in class.

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