The features that I find valuable about an instructional video is that it is visual. Being visual will allow the students to put pictures to the information.  Also an instuctional video can be a way to introduce or solidify a topic. Most  students will probable admit that they will pay more attention to a video than  the teacher talking the whole time. For example, in my organic chemistry class  my teacher had a set of videos that covered evry topic we learned in class.  These videos were made by students and held my attention. My teacher would show  these videos after we learned a topic to make sure we understood. 
    Students can be introduced to instructional videos at anytime. The instructional videos could be a class assignment. Have the students get into groups and have them do a video that is relevant to class.  Students will enjoy this project. If they get a chance to be funny and present  topics; they might just learn more about the topics while they do the video.

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