The essence parts of a lesson plan is to think about and incorporate a motivation, presentation, practice, and feedback. The motivation should include a way to gain the students attention, like an interesting fact or question, and to inform the learners what the objective is for this lesson. In presentation, there should be some sort of review or recall of topics, introduction to the material, and a representation on how to understand the topic. Within practice the teacher should have to students show how much they are learning. This will help the teacher to see where the students are in the understand the topics and how to improve their understanding. Lastly, the teacher should get feedback by having the students answer questions and summarize the topics learned. 
    A  way to introduce a student teacher to these topics would be by having them learn  the best format for a lesson plan. This would include the events of instruction  and how to remember time management is important when completing a lesson plan.  Then they would complete a full lesson plan and implement that plan by teaching  it to a class.

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