Desktop Publishing has some interesting features. I like how you can use as much color on the handout as you want. Also working with different fonts for presentation is a good quality to learn. If a handout out is not pleasing to the  eyes, it will be seen as boring and useless to the students. Adding a picture or  clip art can really liven up a handout. Having a handout out can help the students to understand topics better. Teacher's have to make many handouts over  their career, so it is a good idea to learn the features of a worksheet  now.
    Students can be introduced to desktop publishing by  having the create a worksheet for the class to complete. The teacher can give  the students guidelines like how many questions, fonts, colors, if an picture is  needed. Then the students can hand out the worksheet to the class and the other  students can tell them if it was good. Having them complete a worksheet they  will help them undertsand the topics they are learning. This assignment will  help the students study for the test that will follow.

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