Databases are a great way to save documents on the web that you could access from any computer. Some of these databases include weebly, google docs, and grubba. They each have a variety of custome feature that you can use to create databases.
    Students can be introduced to these databases by having them complete projects on google docs and present the projects to the class. This allows for everyone to see how certain features were used.

Below are some summaries of Databases:>Contact Form’s contact form is very useful for certain purposes. You can put in what information you want the people visiting your website to give and can control what is required before the submit it. It, quite honestly, reminds me of a address book, only instead of having to go and meet the person (employer, coworker, etc.) you can do communicate over the Internet and always have the information you need (unless they change, say, email addresses). An important thing is that this is not listed for anyone who visits your page to see, so if you fill it out you won’t get some annoying spam from somebody you don’t know. Also, the do offer online help in the form of readings and you can send in your question to a member of the support team. However, if you know who you are looking for, there is no way to search through the names quickly. Also, if you want to share large files, you have to buy there “Weebly Pro.” I think that there are better ways for sharing files, but as a  resource to share information, thoughts, and possible job oppurtunies it is a realitvely good resources for students and teachers (although, I am more incline  to say that it is a better resources for teachers then students).

Google Docs>Form
Google Docs has many useful properties to its forms. The is a large amount of templates available to customize your form. The data type is similar to Excel in the form of doing calculations. The negatives of Google Docs would be that I could not find the a good search options on the tool bar. Also the help is in the form of reading materials not one-on-one. However, the Google Docs Team does inquire at the end of the help page if there is any way that they could be more clear in their instructions. The best property of Google Docs would be the ability to share your files through a cloud network with whom ever you choose. This is an ability  that can be used in the classroom by student to work on group projects together  (just like we do). Overall, I find Google Docs to be a good resource for  students and teachers.
At first glance, it looks like  Grubba would be a place for businesses. When exoloring the site there were many  different options great for people who want  to keep track of the things that  they collect.  As a user, you could keep track of your music , book, journal,  game collection, etc.  It was hard to distinguish if  this site had some of the  qualities because most of the features you could not  access unless you had data  inserted in your “form.” Overall, this would be a very good database resource.  It has a quick and advanced search option which is extremely helpful handling  large amounts of data.  I was not able to figure out how to share data which, if  this is not possible, would be a big downfall using Grubba.  It also helped that  this site contained a tutorial that demonstrated how to use some of the features  found on the blog that were confusing to use at first. Teachers could easily use  this to keep track of grades,attendendce, etc. 

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