Some essential features for constructed-response and selected-response assessments are the types of questions constructed, such as questions that would be verbal information or concrete concepts. Also, making sure you have constructed good questions and have created ILOs are other essential features. Good assessments start out with an ILO and then have a question pertaining to the topic being taught. Also, a good assessment has a pre-assessment, a within-instruction assessment and a post assessment to assess your students learning capabilities. Constructed-response and selected-response are two different types of assessment that are important to use accordingly for each type of learning in order to gauge your student’s learning capabilities.
    I think students should be introduced to assessments at a young age. Even starting in preschool, teachers use assessments  to see how much their students know. For younger children, doing a simple  assessment with them, which might include asking them questions verbally and  showing pictures and letters. For older students, asking them questions verbally  in class about the topic is a good way to introduce them. Then, creating a  written assessment for them to do would be good for the teacher to use to assess  their learning.

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