I found that the database websites that people can use to keep track of information had most of the criteria that was listed. These websites, such as grubba.net, that allow people to make their own databases is a helpful way to help them stay organized. Weebly had a lot of the criteria too and it was organized in a convenient way on the website. Google Docs was also a good database that allows people to create documents and share them with other people. This is a good way for people to work on group projects. A positive feature of these websites is that they don’t cost money to use.
    Cloud-Based Hyperlink Presentations have the advantage of being able to be brought up on any computer in any classroom. This allows a teacher to be verstile. The presentation itslef allows students to have a visual learning experience along with the audio one they are receiving from the teacher. I find that powerpoints help a presentation go along smoothly because the ideas are organized and will the flow for the teacher and  students. 
    Students can be introduced to cloud-based  hyperlink presentations by having the do a powerpoint presentation for the class  on a topic that is being discussed. Or in the beginning of the year when you are  trying to get student to know each other, you could have each student create a  powerpoint presentation about themselves. This will allow the student to get used  to a powerpoint program or speaking infront of others. Morever, this project  will help the students to get to know each other and will work better together  in group assignments.