Desktop Publishing has some interesting features. I like how you can use as much color on the handout as you want. Also working with different fonts for presentation is a good quality to learn. If a handout out is not pleasing to the  eyes, it will be seen as boring and useless to the students. Adding a picture or  clip art can really liven up a handout. Having a handout out can help the students to understand topics better. Teacher's have to make many handouts over  their career, so it is a good idea to learn the features of a worksheet  now.
    Students can be introduced to desktop publishing by  having the create a worksheet for the class to complete. The teacher can give  the students guidelines like how many questions, fonts, colors, if an picture is  needed. Then the students can hand out the worksheet to the class and the other  students can tell them if it was good. Having them complete a worksheet they  will help them undertsand the topics they are learning. This assignment will  help the students study for the test that will follow.
    The features that I find valuable about an instructional video is that it is visual. Being visual will allow the students to put pictures to the information.  Also an instuctional video can be a way to introduce or solidify a topic. Most  students will probable admit that they will pay more attention to a video than  the teacher talking the whole time. For example, in my organic chemistry class  my teacher had a set of videos that covered evry topic we learned in class.  These videos were made by students and held my attention. My teacher would show  these videos after we learned a topic to make sure we understood. 
    Students can be introduced to instructional videos at anytime. The instructional videos could be a class assignment. Have the students get into groups and have them do a video that is relevant to class.  Students will enjoy this project. If they get a chance to be funny and present  topics; they might just learn more about the topics while they do the video.
    The essence parts of a lesson plan is to think about and incorporate a motivation, presentation, practice, and feedback. The motivation should include a way to gain the students attention, like an interesting fact or question, and to inform the learners what the objective is for this lesson. In presentation, there should be some sort of review or recall of topics, introduction to the material, and a representation on how to understand the topic. Within practice the teacher should have to students show how much they are learning. This will help the teacher to see where the students are in the understand the topics and how to improve their understanding. Lastly, the teacher should get feedback by having the students answer questions and summarize the topics learned. 
    A  way to introduce a student teacher to these topics would be by having them learn  the best format for a lesson plan. This would include the events of instruction  and how to remember time management is important when completing a lesson plan.  Then they would complete a full lesson plan and implement that plan by teaching  it to a class.
    Blogging is posting journal-like posts on the  web. Five ways to use blogging in the classroom would be for teacher, student, and parent communication, dialogue generation  by getting the students to participate in discussion through blogging,  student blogging so the students can comment on each other’s posts or complete a required assignment, teacher blogging so that teacher can communicate with each other about classroom ideas, and homework assignment for the students to complete at home. Five ways blogging can  improve student learning is by allowing them to create or find a “voice”, increases their interest in writing, helps them learn and communicate with  other students, they can learn how to write responsibly and know whatever they post can be seen by others, and they can become empowered and feel like they have some sort of independence. 
    Some guideline I would use to incorprate blogs into my classrom would be that I would tell my students to not use any personal information, to be respectful of each other, to not post something that is unrelated to the current discussion or question, to ask permission before posting anything of another person, to not access or respond to anything  they are comfortable with, and to be detailed when writing a response. I  would use it as a reading/homework assignment to see if my students were  reading the material. It would also be used for a communication for students  with questions on a specific topic.